Tuesday, May 24


From an early age,sharing story books with children,talking about the pictures and guessing what might happen next are all very important parts of the reading experience.

Listen to the theme song.I found it really beautiful.

The fairytale goes like this:

Once upon a time ,there was a lovely girl called  Uxia Cinderella.

She lived with her stepmother,Sofía.

and two ugly stepsisters,Aroha and Inés.
They did't like her

They made Cinderella work all day long.

The prince Xavi invited all ladies to a ball at his castle.
The ugly stepsister's left the house to the ball.

Cinderella was not allowed to go.
She felt miserable and cried.

Her fairy godmother popped in to help Uxia to go out to the party.

Let's enjoy watching little by little "Cinedrella's full movie"2015

Friday, May 13



The following three weeks we'll be dealing with this folk tale from China.
This story is about a selfish man,

a hungry beggar,  

a kind woman,

some yummy pears

and a little bit of magic.

Thursday, May 12


A tunic is a basic garment worn by both women and men in Ancient Rome, which in turn was based on earlier Greek garments that covered people around their waist.

Choose the look you like the most !

Tuesday, May 10


Our 6th grade students have received a crafts workshop on how to work with different materials like flowers petals, leaves, grains, seeds, beans and some other materials normally used to manufacture the Corpus Carpets.
 After this Carpets workshop kindly offered by the Association who manufactures the Corpus Carpets in Bueu every year our students were asked to create an artwork using these materials with a drawing of Castelao's portrait. Here are some of their impressive jobs:



Sunday, May 8


Our students have celebrated mother's day this year by creating a small bunch of nice curly paper flowers after a tutorial seen and with the materials given

They have made their best to prepare a nice gift for their mothers
They are very proud of their creations
       Here are some of the resulting Jobs