Wednesday, April 26


Mother's Day is intended to be a day to celebrate motherhood.
At school we' re celebrating the date with great excitement.

The first and second grade kids are making easy and ,at the same time terrific flower cards for Mom.
They cut circles out in different colours-3 circles in every size.

Diego has already done his mum´s gift.

Aitana and Nico after havind cut nine circles are gluing them in threes.
Claudia and Julio are working very hard.
Nico and Roi did these so cute flower cards for their loving mums.
Megan joins us once a week. She´s being really supportive.

Mar and Mario are happily working hand to hand.
Look at  these three mates showing their doings!
They look very proudof their presents.

After having done these really gorgeous flower cards we spent some minutes to joy with these Mother,s Day songs

Have a great day Mums!
Listen to them!

Thursday, April 20


Are structures whose outer surfaces are triangular.
Pyramids have been built by civilizations in many parts of the world.
For thousand of years they were the largest structures on Earth.

The Mesopotamians built the earliest pyramidal structures, called ziggurats.

In Ancient times they were brightly painted in gold or bronze.

The most famous pyramids are the Egyptians-huge structures of brick or stone-Some of them are 
among the world ´s largest constructions.
After 2700BC until about 1700BC the Egyptians built pyramids.
Most pyramids are located near Cairo.

There are over one hundred pyramids in Egypt.
The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the largest and most ancient one.
It is one of the most legendary monument in the world.

Let's join the "Minions Pharaohs Dance"

Wednesday, April 5


Have fun with the bunny song!
Let's count them while we're singing along !
Now you can also read the lyrics below.

Time to move your bunny bodies.
Practise with us the "Happy Dance"
"I'm a Music Man"

Wednesday, March 8



"I Can Sing a Rainbow" is a popular song written by Arthur Hamilton.
It was featured in 1955 film "Pete Kelly's Blues"

The British pop singer Cilla Black recorded the song for her studio album "Cilla Sings a Rainbow"

Thursday, March 2


Timmy likes Egypt so much he is staying for a long holiday.

Along this topic we ask kids to draw their own home as they can see it from the street.
Then we want them to draw the inside of a given Egyptian family's house.
This story is a nice way to learn to say the rooms of a house and name some items of furniture.
Let's see Peppa's house and its furniture.


World Heritage Site.
Along this secod term we´re tackling with the New Stone Age.
We are getting to know this unique prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England.
It´s the remains of a ring of  massive standing stones.
It was built from 3000 BC to 2000 BC.
It is a complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age.

There´re so many theories on this  megalitic site :
burial ground, solar temple,temple of the death and place for ceremonies.

Lascaux caves.
We´ve used this video as an inspiration towards their own recreations.
We're pretty sure you´ll enjoy them so much.
Please have a look !

Our dear first grade kids drew their families and pets on the cave´s walls.

As you can realise they did it with plenty of pleasure.

We really had  unforgetable moments dealing with this stuff.
They surprised me when I saw some relatives´ names above or bellow their pictures.
They´re improving very fast their language skills with the support of their English teachers.

Scaffolding this sort of vocabulary we started singing along a catchy Family Song named " My Family and Me "